Azzaro Paris celebrates a half a century in the top of international fashion. It was created in 1967 by Loris Azzaro and bought in 2006 by Andorre Reig Capital Group. As a result of the 50th anniversary, the maison is upgraded among several meetings.

Azzaro Paris undertakes a revision of the firm iconic pieces, designs, fabrics and motifs that made it prime at the early 70s. Moreover, it undertakes a special sight towards the masculine Azzaro universe, as we have seen in smokings of the “capsule collection FW17” at Piti Uomo hall, and in the recent opening of a space for Azzaro men fashion in Saint-Germain-des-prés, in the heart of Paris.

As a great event in this anniversary, Azzaro Paris launches its first collection lingerie pour homme which follows the essence of exquisiteness applied to men underwear fashion, produced by Babootextil.

Daniel Vargas is the protagonist of the campaing shooted by Ruben Ibañez.  Now we present the making of Chris Cooper and Sofia Kearney.



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